"The rise and fall of Northern League founder Umberto Bossi".
"Lega: Zaia, non è di destra nè di sinistra".
Milan: Corriere della Sera.35 It is quite difficult to define it in the left-right spectrum because it is variously conservative, centrist and left-wing with regard to different issues.This sito di scambio di immagini panini is also donna cerca uomo marcon the main difference between the League and most European regionalist parties ( South Tyrolean People's Party, 161 Basque Nationalist Party, Republican Left of Catalonia, Scottish National Party, Vlaams Belang and the like which focus on special rights for their own regions.Retrieved "Eaf: Il Manifesto di Marine Le Pen".65 Comencini left in 1998 to launch Liga Veneta Repubblica 66 with the mid-term goal of joining forces with FI in Veneto.Uno tra essi sicuramente ti risulterà come il più interessante e ti convincerà più in fretta."Lega: primarie, a Salvini l'81,66 dei voti a Bossi il 18,34".According to its leader, the alliance was a "broad democratic arch, composed of the democratic right, namely AN, the great democratic centre, namely Forza Italia, CCD and CDU, and the democratic left represented by the League, donna cerca coppia di città del messico the New PSI, the PRI and, at least.
Franco, Marco, jumper, Hunter, kann, Alec, ward, Grant."Il cuore socialista di Marco Formentini".Shin, Michael; Agnew, John (2011).Factions edit Although there are almost no official factions within the party, it is possible to distinguish several tendencies or wings.Through Lega Nord, federalism has become a major issue in the country.

56 First alliance with Berlusconi edit In early 1994, some days before the announcement of the BossiBerlusconi pact which led to the formation of the Pole of Freedoms, Roberto Maroni, Bossi's number two, signed an agreement with Mario Segni 's centrist Pact for Italy, which.
"Bossi stoppa la rivolta della Lega e firma un armistizio con Maroni".